FOX Sports

The challenge was simple: combine every major headline about the NFL from the previous year – a subject I knew nothing about – into one massive, "Where's Waldo?" style illustration.

With the help of some talented writers slash sports fanatics, I was given a series of 26 different descriptions based around events in the NFL from the previous year – including everything from the Richie Incognito bullying scandal, to Tim Tebow getting repeatedly fired, to the resemblance between Kansas City Chiefs Coach Andy Reid and the Kool-Aid man.

Being the soft hearted and weak armed 'sensitive type' that all artists are, I had never heard of any of these things, and so got on to researching the stories and developing caricatures of each ball chucking and whistle blowing jock I was told to draw.

The target deadline for this piece was a week, so naturally it took about four to finish.

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Background plate without characters.

Concept and layout thumbnail sketch.

Style and proof of concept art.