Old Saint Nick

This project was inspired by a Christmas wreath my mother sewed for me of a Santa Claus face in the shape of a crescent moon, wearing a similar patchwork hat with a bell at the end. I started this holiday card in 2012, having drawn the St. Nick figure in the center and the lettering, and handed out prints to family and friends. I sat on it for a year and then added the background and border elements in December of 2013. My goal was to harken back to a mid-century aesthetic of classic holiday cards, with ornate details influenced by art nouveau artists, but without any specific imitation, and realized with contemporary linework techniques. As with much of my recent work it was created entirely in a digital setting, and attention was paid to removing any sense of synthetic design by keeping flaws and handwork intact. The aim of this method is to create a convincing illusion of tactility within an intangible space.

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