Blitz Cola

I created this project as a presentation to the United Scenic Artists Union of New York in order to demonstrate knowledge and expertise of the skills needed as a Graphic Designer for TV and Film. My objective was to create a variety of props and set pieces across a range of time periods and integrate them into scenes from films of that decade.

So to do that, I designed this fictional Cola brand called Blitz, and built in a visual history of the brand from the 1800s until now. The name originated from drawings way back in my early portfolio. As far back as I can remember, whenever I draw a soda can in an illustration, I use the name Blitz. You can see it on a billboard in this piece, and on a plastic cup at the bottom of this one.

It was a chance to flesh out that nugget into a complete narrative. I found out that sucrose (a sweetening agent) made from sugar beets was in competition with sucrose made from sugar cane during the late 1800s. Sugar cane won out thanks to Coca-Cola and some others. But imagine a US history where that beet sugar was capitalized on. It gave me a neat reason to land on the color I was going for. It had to be somewhere in between Coke's red and Pepsi's blue, without looking grape soda purple or cherry cola red.

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